Bullet Scrambler: First Enfield with MotoExotica treatment

Bullet Scrambler - Royal Enfield 350 by Moto Exotica - custom bike

Bullet Scrambler is a modern scrambler which still retains the classic British charm, built to hit the trails.

Arjun Raina is a person with many talents – he’s a ex-racer, rally privateer, a biker and a bike customizer. But its his avatar of Moto Exotica founder that we’re more interested in. When it comes to bike customization, the Dehradun lad doesn’t believe in simply enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the bikes, he prefers making his machines technologically superior as well.

When it comes to customizing motorcycles, Arjun – who’s also run as a privateer team at Raid de Himalaya – doesn’t stick to a single style, say, an enduro or a tracker; he does it all. “One thing about us that has remained constant with time is the variety ! from slick cafe racers to bare bone scramblers to the enduro KTMs,” he says.

“This is the first Royal Enfield that gets our special treatment, typically in the Moto Exotica fashion,” says the Dehradun-based designer.

Let’s take a look under the hood of this hard-hitting Royal Enfield.

Name: Bullet Scrambler

Concept: Vintage Trials Motorcycle

“For quite some time we have been planning to work on RE, what better than to start with a classic scrambler.”

Style: Trials Scrambler


Bullet Scrambler - Royal Enfield 350 by Moto Exotica - exhaust
(Image Credit: Arjun Raina)


It’s an almost fully-customized chassis to deal with the rugged requirements. 80% of the chassis was rebuilt, the bike was put on a strict diet and metal chunks were replaced with carbon fiber. Overall weight of the bike went down by as much as 30 kilos compared to the stock Royal Field.


It still carries Royal Enfield’s stock 350 cc engine with minimum tweaks.


The headlight custom machined using five-axis CNC machine with LED bar insert. The tail light and the indicators are hidden underneath the seat.


Keeping in tune with rest of the bike, the seat pan is also made up of carbon fiber which is then covered up with leather that was sourced internationally.


The bike sports a digital mono gauge.

Bullet Scrambler - Royal Enfield 350 by Moto Exotica - exhaust
(Image Credit: Arjun Raina)


Telescopic single function WP forks give it as much as 10 inch of travel for when you decide to take your bike off-roading.

Design goals were fixated upon building a modern scrambler and yet retain the charms of a classic British bike.

Battery Box: Custom built in aluminium.

Air Filter: Aftermarket – UNI

Brake: Custom milled from rotor carrier.

Paint job: Matt black with deep texture. The frame is painted classic blue.

Here what you have is a practical bike that doubles up as a true Scrambler maybe even a Tourer.

Bullet Scrambler - Royal Enfield 350 by Moto Exotica - exhaust
(Image Credit: Arjun Raina)

Exhaust Pipe: 

Sideburn exhaust system in 100 percent stainless steel, TIG welded. It is custom made in scrabler style with CNC milled end cap.


Aircraft-grade ultralight aluminium rims; 19″ front and 17″ rear.

Bullet Scrambler - Royal Enfield 350 by Moto Exotica - white helmet trials scrambler
(Image Credit: Arjun Raina)

While they’ve re-purposed the switches and some electronics, the rest of the machine was painstakingly built using mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and carbon fiber. It took more than 3 months for the Moto Exotica Team to complete the build and the hard work is evident in the final output.


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