Deccan Custom Motorcycles’ Shaheen

As the civilization has progressed, we have become more and more dependent on technology and gadgetry. And now, even the most mechanical of all inventions, cars and bikes, are packed with the best of latest tech. From anti-lock braking system (ABS) to lean angle sensors, even motorbikes have enough technology jammed in them to give complex to a NASA space shuttle.

Despite this clutter of electronic wizardry being easily available in the market, there are a few old school bike builders who likes to keep it simple. One such purist is Mohit Chawda of Deccan Custom Motorcyles, who’s latest creation – Shaheen – is a class apart. Born out of the need to have a bike akin to Mohit’s personal style, Shaheen is as hardcore as it can get; in fact, this beauty doesn’t even have a battery. Wondering, how the heck do you start it? Well, the traditional way. Give your quads some workout and kick it to life.

At the Moto Art Collective pavilion, sitting alongside paintings of cult bikes was one-of-its-kind beast – Shaheen. Here’s a closer look at what makes it so special:

Bike Name: Shaheen

Creator: Mohit Chawda of Deccan Custom Motorcycles

Chassis: Bajaj Avenger 180

Engine: Stock 180cc Bajaj engine

Ignition: Kick start

Headlight: A police van siren that Chawda picked up from a scrapyard 15 bucks!

Ideation is more important; the artist is never paid for the labour but for the vision that goes into it. ~Mohit Chawda

Switches: From old radios

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Battery:  There is no battery. No switch housing.

Tank: Handcrafted sheet metal coated with 100% pure brass powder. To top it off, there’s Bidri artwork on the tank cap using silver and brass.

Grips: Teak wood

Fuel gauge: There are no electronic instruments over here; it’s physics – whatever is the level in the fuel tank, it will be showed in this gauge.

Tyres: White walls with 19inch rims.

Foot pegs: Hand-tooled brass foot pegs.

Exhaust pipe or gas burner? (Image credit: Adil Khan)

Tail light: It’s a gas burner. The gas burner is integrated into the exhaust and as the hot gases pass through it, the burner becomes red hot. And that’s your taillight.
“The whole idea started with to make a personal ride the way I want it to be. There’s nothing expensive on the bike but the flow of the bike makes it attention grabbing. Everything that you see on the bike is handcrafted. There’s no CNC or machining. No imported parts went into this build.”

Concept: “The inspiration came from the poet Allama Iqbal – one of the only two to be given the title of ‘Sir’ during the British Raj. In a particular poem he says, ‘Tu Shaheen hai parvaz hai kaam tera, Tere aage aasma aur bhi hai. Tu Shaheen hai basera kar pahado ki chatton par.’ (You’re Shaheen (Peregrine falcon) soaring high in the sky. You’re Shaheen which rests on the mountain tops).

“During rains and thunderstorm, while other birds look for shelter, Shaheen flies into the thunder and rises way above the clouds. My bike is also not bother with rains, storms or cold because it’s not dependent on battery or electrical. It’s purely mechanical!” exclaims Chawda.

A new generation of biking (Image credit: Adil Khan)

Shaheen has definitely propelled Deccan Custom Motorcycles’ into the horizon. Let’s see which gem Mohit Chawda and his team produces next.


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