TJ Moto’s Chail

Named after a hill station, Chail is a one-of-its-kind Cafe Racer from the house of TJ Moto.

Just three-months old in the customization business, and the first two bikes that Tushar Jaitley has done, both have been Harleys. But that doesn’t mean he works only on the Milwaukee-based marquee; he’d work on anything and everything that catches his fancy.

Tushar likes taking the minimalistic approach and hence Café Racers appeal to him the most. “I’m a simple, to-the-point kind of builder,” says Tushar. Hence, no prize for guessing what his newest creation looks like.

Built under Tushar’s own bike customization brand TJ Moto, his latest Café Racer is named after a hill station in Himachal Pradesh. Read below to know more about this masterpiece named Chail.

TJ Moto’s Chail (Image credit: Binoy Parikh)

Bike Name: Chail

Creator: Tushar Jaitly of TJ Moto

Chassis: Harley Davidson Superlow

Type: Café Racer

Tank: Custom fabricated from sheet metal.

Screaming Eagle Air Filter (Image credit: Binoy Parikh)

Air Filter: Screaming Eagle performance air filter.

Tyres: Real tyre is 180mm in width while the Front tyre is 19 inches tall with 120mm rubber.

Seat: Handmade custom fabrication

Vance & Hines’ exhaust (Image credit: Binoy Parikh)

Exhaust: Vance & Hines exhaust.
Engine: It’s a stock 883cc Harley engine.

Harley Davidson’s 883cc V-twin Engine (Image credit: Binoy Parikh)

Handlebars: Custom drag-bars to go with the entire café racer theme. Only after market accessory that’s been put in is the exhaust and the air filter.

Story behind the bike name: Tushar Jaitly and his friend did a Harley ride to this small town of Chail. That’s where Tushar’s friend – Sandeep proposed the idea that Tushar should customize his bike. Since the idea was conceptualized at Chail, they homologated the bike after it.

Story behind the logo: Logo is a custom helmet where if you look closely, you can see Tushar Jaitly’s initials “T” & “J”.

TJ Moto’s helmet logo (Image credit: Binoy Parikh)

Story behind the bike builder: “I was always interested in automotive designing. I did my Bachelors in Transportation Designing from Italy. After I returned from Italy last year, it almost seemed right to start building bikes.” ~ Tushar Jaitly

Alternate career: “I don’t think I’d do anything else. Ever since I was in the 7th grade, I’d draw cars at the back of my notebooks. Studying books never really appealed me and I always wanted to design cars and bikes.” ~ Tushar Jaitley

Favourite Bike Builder: “I like all sort of bikes and bike builders, whatever’s built with passion and hard work. I liked Indian Larry – he was really cool. He kept it as mechanical and as minimalist as possible. His bikes could speak for themselves and they really didn’t have any useless, jazzy parts. ” ~ Tushar Jaitly

Aesthetics or Technical prowess: “I’m not really a technical person. I’m a designer and hence, I prefer making my rides as aesthetically pleasing as possible.” ~ Tushar Jaitly

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