36Moto does a ‘Deadlift’ with this Karizma


36Moto strips a Karizma to showcase its gorgeous curves. Well, we ain’t complaining.

When you’re passionate about something, life finds a way to slot you back with it no matter what. Colonel Sanders started serving chicken dishes at his Shell Oil service station at the age of 40; Kentucky Fried Chicken came into existence when Col. Sanders was 62 and the rest as they is history. Hyderabad-based Mohit Chawda started Deccan Customs few years back after doing a bunch of old jobs. However, he shut it and moved to corporate sales but the itch to build bikes was never gone. Few months back, in an exclusive we were the first to announce that Mohit Chawda’s shop is now rebranded as 36Moto. Well, 36Moto is now back with his latest creation just ahead of this year’s India Bike Week.

“After having been relocated to my hometown I had been stopped building bikes, but seems like that was not what he had planned for me , This machine came to me after my brother met with an accident , and that moment was like Lo sahibo, fir meri baari aai!” and that’s how this machine kept that spark alive in me,” reminisces Mr. Chawda.

Bike name: Deadlift

Style: Blend of Cafe Racer and Street fighter

Theme: Minimalist, clean and simple

Frame: It’s a stock Hero Honda Karizma frame with a redesigned subframe

Handlebar: Café style handlebar with hand-stitched leather grips

That’s the view you’ll get from your seat. (Image Credit: Ravi Naidu)

Engine: 225cc Hero Honda Karizma R, which in itself is a decent mill. However, the reduced weight gives it better acceleration off the line compared to a stock one

Tank: Stock tank but having done away with the additional faring allowed the designer to showcase the gorgeous shape of the tank in its entirety

Headlight: Aftermarket with integrated indicators

Ignition: Self and kick

Switches: Stock

Seat: Hand-crafter leather to go with similar handle grips

Battery box: Custom made from scratch

Suspension: Front-end is lowered with a shorter version of telescopic forks while at the rear it’s a mono shock

Brake: Disc brakes at the front while it’s a drum at the back.

Modified Karizma 36Moto
Unconfirmed news: The wheels are powder coated using one of Bappi Lahiri’s rings. (Image Credit: Ravi Naidu)

Wheels: Mud guards have been done away with to showcase the beautiful MRF Nylogrip Rubber on top of the powder-coated golden alloy wheels

Swingarm: Karizma’s stock swingarm keeps the chain drive in place

Air filter: UNI’s red air filter goes well with the red mono shock

Exhaust pipe: In another one of Mohit’s masterstroke of creating ‘best out of waste’, the exhaust is a custom made brass slip on salvaged from a borewell hand pump cylinder

Eagle-eyed readers would remember Mohit’s creating a tail light out of a gas burner for his first bike Shaheen.

The tail pipe is a work of art. (Image Credit: Ravi Naidu)nda

Indicators: Integrated in the headlight itself to cut down on the dangling parts.

Tail lights: Syncs with the exhaust and parallel to the same

Paintjob: Two tone paint job with wooden and leather elements that pop out in the backdrop of wrapped exhaust pipe

Time to build: 3 months

Now with 36Moto in full swing, we can’t wait to check out what Mr. Chawda has to offer us next. His latest design will be on display at the upcoming India Bike Week 2017, don’t forget to check it.


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