Raw Angel: A Yezdi turned into a classic Bobber by Dochaki Design

Raw Angel - custom Yezdi by Dochaki Designs Pune

This Yezdi’s resto-mod ended with the emergence of this beauty.

Yezdi is a name that’s synonymous with classical beauty in motorcycling world. Yezdi 250 which once ruled the Indian roads has now become an endangered species. It’s rare to find one lying in a dusty garage and it’s even rarer to see a well restored beauty roaring down the street. So when one of Dochaki Designs’ clients approached them to resto-mod his Yezdi Classic 250, he jumped at the opportunity.

“The owner of the classic bike wanted to give it an aesthetic upgrade without losing its classic feel. They finalized on old school style with high rise seat and snuggly fitted mudguards. It was the owner’s idea to call the resurrected bike Raw-Angel,” explain Anupam Singh Parihar of Dochaki Design.

Here’s a closer look at what makes Raw Angel a thing of beauty:

Bike name: Raw Angel

Style: Bobber

Theme: Classic Beamer


Sub frame of the old bike was removed; and the seat mount as well as the suspension mounts had to be rebuilt.

Handlebars: Classic

Extra curvy tank - Custom Yezdi Dochaki Designs Pune
Extra curvy tank (Image credit: Yashpal Singh Arya)


The tank is handcrafted mimicking Yezdi’s original tank but this example is a bit longer and curvier. “Fuel cap of yezdi itself is a charm to look at, that big piece with markings and gives a good feeling while holding it, hence, we decided to keep it as is,” says the Pune-based bike builder.


Staying true to the classical era, they decided against using a fuel guage. A singular analog speedo is added to keep the clean look intact.

Headlight: It’s a classic round + flat headlight.

Classic round headlight - custom Yezdi Dochaki Designs Pune
Classic round headlight (Image credit: Yashpal Singh Arya)

Battery box:

It’s built using handcrafted circular box on either side of the frame.


The seat is custom made using artificial leather in tan color which is mounted on a leaf spring support.

Faux leather seat - custom Yezdi Dochaki Designs Pune
Faux leather seat (Image credit: Yashpal Singh Arya)


Drum brakes at both front and rear to make sure the braking event is as hair raising event as it was in the ‘80s.

Wheels: Stock 16 inch spokes

Drive: Chain drive

Matt black paint job looks sinister - custom Yezdi Dochaki Designs Pune
Matt black paint job looks sinister (Image credit: Yashpal Singh Arya)

Paint job:

Matt black with silver pinstriping to accentuate those curves.


What indicators? In order to keep the clean lines intact, the team decided to do away with extra elements like the indicator lights.

Tail light:

Circular vintage style tail light.

Tail pipes:

In Anupam’s words, “Tail pipes are stock shape and size but at the inside, the muffler has been tuned a bit to give a little extra bass.”

Yezdi has enjoyed a cult following in India over the decades and Dochaki Designs’ take on this icon is surely an interesting. If you’re a fan of Yezdi, feel free t let us know in the comments below what you think about this rendition.

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