Kiraack – One of the first Triumphs customized in India

Reza Hussain Customs goes old school and turns a Triumph Bonneville into a hard tail Bobber.

Hyderabad-based RH Customs aka Reza Hussain Customs has made quite a reputation for going where no other custom house has gone before. From putting layered tank for his reptilian-themed insanity to installing world’s fattest tyre in his Salman Khan tribute bike, RH Customs has always thought out of the box. Once again, they went and outdid themselves by being the one of the first, if not THE first bike builder to customize a Triumph in India.

Let’s take a look under the skin and see what makes Kiraack a one-of-a-kind Triumph:

Name: Kiraack

Kiraack is a Hyderabadi slang which mean awesome or mind-blowing.

Concept: As the name suggests, RHC wanted to make a “mind-blowing” bike – something no one has ever done before. As far as the memory serves, Triumph hadn’t been customized before in India.

Style: A mix of an American and a British Bobber

Engine: Triumph Bonneville

Chassis: Completely custom fabricated

The only part of the bike that’s stock is the engine, wiring harness, switch housing, front & rear disc brakes, chain, chain sprocket and the speedometer; everything else is customized.


Aftermarket grill pattern headlight and tail light complement each other. To stick to the Bobber philosophy, they wanted to keep the bodywork to a minimum hence, they decided against using any turn signals.

Tank: It’s a split tank

Initially there was an issue accommodating the massive fuel pump but thankfully, things got sorted later on and they could go ahead with the split tank else they would’ve been forced to scrap the idea of using a split tank.

Paint job: Blue texture with metal flakes.

Seat: Leather

Small scissor springs are installed under the seat to give you that bit of old school look while the top part is covered in brown leather. Speaking of leather, the grips as well as the battery box has been covered with the same leather pattern.

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Swingarm: What swingarm? Being a hard tail, there’s only the frame and axle plates.

Caution: Not advisable for riders with a history of slipped disc.


Front end: Custom springer front-end which was ordered from USA

Rear end: It’s a hardtail bike so scissor springs under the seats is the only cushioning you get.

Exhaust pipes: Custom bent pipes with slip-ons.

“We wanted to keep the growl of the original Triumph, like the Tiger has; and we seem to have been successful in doing that. Stock pipes cannot fully showcase full growl of the beautiful parallel twin Triumph engine. These custom pipes are a shorter version of the old Triumph Tigers so that we can do complete justice to this beautiful engine.”

Wheels: Alloy wheels

Usually in this type of concept people go for spoke wheels but Reza wanted to style it differently altogether. Hence, they CNC-ed the alloy wheel in-house.

Tyres: 16” Avon tyres sourced from UK.

They went for the classic tread pattern with high tyre walls which are commonly used in bobbers.

Fenders: None

No front fender is installed in order to maintain the old school bobber look while the rear fender carries forward the sleek design language till the end. Lack of front fender further helps in drawing focus to that classic tyre tread pattern. Just make sure you don’t ride it on wet roads.

According to you, which untouched bike should RH Customs customized next? BMW? Indian? Something else? Tell us in comments below.


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